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2000 January 1
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The Millennium that Defines Universe
Credit: Camille Flammarion; Courtesy: HSC, U. Oklahoma;
Digitization: K. Magruder (OU); Coloring: R. J. Nemiroff (Michigan Tech)

Explanation: Welcome to the millennial year at the threshold of millennium three. During millennium two, humanity continually redefined its concept of "Universe": first as spheres centered on the Earth, in mid-millennium as the Solar System, a few centuries ago as the Galaxy, and within the last century as the matter emanating from the Big Bang. During millennium three humanity may hope to discover alien life, to understand the geometry and composition of our present concept of Universe, and even to travel through this Universe. Whatever our accomplishments, humanity will surely find adventure and discovery in the space above and beyond, and possibly define the surrounding Universe in ways and colors we cannot yet imagine by the threshold of millennium four.

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